About Deseray

Deseray is a Women’s Personal Life Coach using methods that honor the cllent as her own source and that the role of the coach is to facilitate self discovery and freedom.

Deseray is a Highly Senstive Woman with a life-long passion to understand human behavior. Deseray has extensive experience and understanding of the following:
NVC ( Non-Violent Communication ), also known as Compassionate Communication

  • Living as a Highly Sensitive Person, (15% of the population is born with a highly sensitive nervous system)
  • Autism and Non-Neurotypical Individuals
  • Domestic Violence and Women’s Empowerment
  • The importance of Nature, Creativity, and Sensitivity

Deseray is a single mom supporting her daughter in growing into her fullest potential. Deseray loves to hike and spend time in nature. When she is not coaching she also enjoys painting and writing. Deseray lives happily in Northern California with her daughter and their animal friends.