Coach Deseray serves her clients in a variety of creative channels…

  • Individual and Family Coaching
  • Workshops and Classes
  • Retreats

Individual and Family Coaching

Starting with a one and a half to two hour intake session.

Then a regularly scheduled time is set for a 45 min. session each week, or bi-monthly, with the goal of no longer needing Coach Deseray within three months.

Sessions can be experienced in person, over the phone, or on-line.

Coach Deseray suggests an initial complimentary session of 30 minutes to establish if working with The Magic and Wonder of You is the best strategy for meeting your needs.

  • Discovery Session—Free
  • 1 1/2 to 2hr Indepth Session—$100
  • 45 min. sessions—$50 each

Workshops and Classes

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A Path to Inner Knowing

A guided visualization and in depth workshop on hearing the messages of your inner wisdom and having the courage to follow them.

A Highly Sensitive Woman

Learning tools to live as one or live with one.

Healing and Learning Thru Art

Using mask making, painting, collage, mixed with dancing and soul touching music to better understand and express ourselves.

The Energy Behind NVC (Non-Violent Communication)

An awakening tool to bring Presence, Aliveness, and Compassion to create deeper relationships with others and ourselves.

Fun Kids Creating Messy Art

An avenue for children age 6-13 to express themselves imperfectly using clay, painting, collage and other mediums in an enviornment of freedom and fun.

Autism in My Life

Finding the Gifts on an Unexpected Journey.

Single Moms and Sisterhood

A Circle of Women

Safe Women and Children

Learning  about red flags, trusting your intuition, and creating support systems.



Connecting to the Stars, the Moon, and the Glowing Red Rocks with other Women while developing a deeper relationship with self. Discover mystery, magic,and wisdom of the high desert under a million stars. Hiking in majestic wilderness, Swimming in spring water, Meditating on Red Rock Vistas, Sleeping under the stars, and tapping into the powerful vortex of Sedona. Along with delicious Southwestern Food. A very awakening trip.


Swim with the Wild Dolphins and Sea Turtles. Staying at a 5star resort, no need to put shoes on. Walk from your room to snorkeling, swimmimg, beach bumming, delicious food and lots of womens empowerment and healing. A very comforting trip.


Soon to come

West Petaluma Farm Country

Slow Down and Breath, Get some Space, and Connect with Cows, goats and chickens. Back to Basics.  What’s Important?